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Rafe's Constellation Training 3 Mayfield Road

I get asked, "How can you train someone to do an adequate Constellation session in one weekend?" You can't.

What you can do is get some guiding principles under your belt, see how language and experiential phonomenology work hand in hand with the modalities you already work with, and then you begin to see the value.
This is about seeing the ancestral world from the outside in as well as the inside out

My attitude is that a massage therapist with a lady on her couch might notice that the client is carrying a load of expectations from her mother. Now it is not that the practitioner wants to be a full time Constellation Facilitator, its that she wants to help her clients and know what to do when ancstors show up!!

The next course is TBA - and the charge will be £380 for the weekend - these are run periodically throughout the year - discounts available if you have attended before - you'll get a CPD certificate and a £50 deposit secures a place - come back here - i will have dates soon!
This book deals with the general principles of Constellation work and explains how the sessions work. I use sentences to help clients adjust the tensions they experience in relationships, and this book is an amalgam of those ideas. It is meant to stimulate ideas about what one might say to the child of (for instance) a mother hwo had died in childbirth.